Patterns for Peace exhibition @REMuseum 27 July – 10 Oct 2019

Rainbows for Meditation, based on travels in Argentina and Brazil.
Made in Zona.
Made in Zona was the result of one month’s recycled waste created in Zona Imaginaria in 2018.
RIP Khasoggi McKee. In memoriam of 2 journalists murdered during the time this piece was created. RIP.

Rainbows for Meditation
Rainbows for Meditation exhibited in Patterns for Peace @REMuseum, 2019.
Butterfly, exhibited in Open Studios 2014 as “Berger’s Yellow”.

Catalogue for the show includes:
1. Butterfly Acrylic on canvas.
2. Made in Zona Imaginaria 2 pieces, framed.
See for more details.
3. Rainbows for Meditation See above. 4 canvasses; acrylic on canvas.
4. There is no Planet B Circular, moulded paper, acrylic. See
5. RIP Khasoggi and Lyra McKee In memory of murdered journalists Kamal Khasoggi 2018 and Lyra McKee 2019.

Black Madonnas

Religious icons adapted to the them of Climate Change including flooding, agriculture, motherhood and equality themes.
Monoprints; Mixed media;Acrylic on canvas.
14. Spiral.