Gardening Expert, Gardening Writer, Visual Artist

I’m a gardening expert who writes for Garden Patch, Garden Beast, Veg Plotter, as a ghostwriter, and on this website. I grow food on my allotment and write on gardening matters for websites in the UK, Canada, Asia and Australia. I also ghostwrite books for sale on Amazon.

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You can find me on YouTube as well.

See my academic work

(including gardens and plants) in Latin American journals, concerning her lone travels around Argentina and Brazil.
* Article published in Vol. 11 (2021) of Studi irlandesi, A Journal of Irish Studies.
“An Irish artist travels from Buenos Aires to Araxá”
* Article for the Society for Irish Latin American Studies. See chapter 3. Based on my artist’s residency in Argentina 2018.Zona Imaginaria 2018
My poetry and artwork are published in catalogues and collections in Ireland and the UK.
* Strawberry Wine, Pandemic Time

Tina is a very experienced writer and editor, who has worked in design and publishing, English and Spanish language training and on funded projects as a visual artist. Please contact me direct for offers of writing contracts and you can view my profile on Upwork too.


My job title as a ghostwriter is one of my favourites, and I have secretly scribed many books available for purchase. It is really fun to learn what other people wish they could write. They have the ideas and I help them put those into books, websites and available for others to read. It’s fun, and I learn a lot.

Visual art and Project Management, Editing, Freelance Journalism.

YouTube Full Circle: the project I am most proud of, funded by Arts Council (UK) to raise awareness about the need to recycle, which in Gillingham we turned into our Christmas street decorations by making 1000 plastic stars! Full Circle; art from recycled waste decorates High Street for Christmas!

Tina Lawlor Mottram on YouTube; Patterns for Peace
This shows my experience in Latin America – as artist-in-residence in Zona Imaginaria, Argentina Irish artist visits Zona Imaginaria