St Paddy’s Day workshops at Gillingham Library

St Patrick’s Day workshops at Gillingham Library

From 10am the volunteers were setting out tables with a banner to use in the parade on 16 March 2014.

Shortly afterwards children and parents arrived to help design the banner, to make badges and stylish glasses to wear on the day. Shamrocks, Flags, Celtic designs made with marker, felt tip, stampers, ribbons and anything green, white and gold.
We had so much much fun, as you will see from all the pictures.

A special thanks to our volunteers from Fort Pitt Secondary School who hope this will help them to get the Challenge 15 Award. Evelyn, Hannah and Lily helped adult volunteers Annemarie Jordan and Tina Lawlor Mottram to make badges and to decorate our banner. Cllr Adam Price dropped in to help. He was seen sticking, glueing and colouring in the letters traced out to say “St Patrick’s Day Medway” on our very long banner which we plan to use on the day!

Children attended with their parents and grandparents, from schools all over Medway including Woodlands Primary in Gillingham, St Thomas’s, Fort Pitt in Chatham, St Mary’s, Burnt Oak, Featherby Juniors all in Gillingham and Gordon Infants in Strood.

Antonia, a volunteer all the way from Mallorca in Spain was delighted to take part. She helped children to colour in and cut out embellishments from green felt. “I had so much fun and everybody is so friendly.” she said. Antonia will take part in the parade with the other volunteers.

Derek McManus, who lives in Gillingham, attended with his son Fionntain. They both helped to paint the banner and Fionntain made some great badges to wear on the day of the parade. Derek presented Tina Lawlor Mottram with 2 free shillelaghs that he makes himself. Tina will be proud to hold hers on the day of the parade. Beautifully crafted!

Heather Woodgate attended with her grandchildren, who made colourful badges and glasses and helped on the banner.