Beyond the 9 to 5, Pulgar the Dog and Incantation; handmade books by Tina Lawlor Mottram

Beyond the 9 to 5
Beyond the 9 to 5
This book was created for a poetry reading in Chatham Library on the theme of Work.
Beyond the 9 to 5
Tina Lawlor Mottram.
8pp; A5.
These poems were read at a reading in Chatham Library entitled “work”, as part of a World Book Day celebration. These poems explored themes such as visiting Climate Camp in Kingsnorth, when pressure by environmental groups forced the closure of this coal burning site in Hoo, in Medway. My work in this case was defending the planet. Another poem looked at the work of a mother, whose work is unpaid and often undervalued. This poem examined the miracle of birth, growing up and how society sees work as “paid”.

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Pulgar the dog and his magic paw
a book made in Zona Imaginaria in Argentina with local children.
The children reas the story in English on myYouTube channel too.


This handmade concertina-fold book was inspired by stuides of the Maya and the Aztecs while living in Madrid. The written text is from the Chilam Balam (a Maya sacred text).

Handmade Codex style book based on the Chilam Balam.

This handmade, illustrated book used the traditional style of the Maya Codex style, which was stretched animal skin with sacred rituals hand-painted upon the surface and folded for ease of movement. My book was made with cartridge paper and hand glued and stitched. Initially it was submitted to the Royal Academy Show, and shortlisted but not included. It was later exhibited at Riverside Country Park, Kent.
The book explores the Maya cardinal directions, associated with placement of stones and iconography reflected in the observation of rituals concerned with each direction, associated deity as part of the Maya 52 year cycle.
Using red for east associated with sunrise and beginnings, black and white respectively for north and west, and finally yellow for the south, the harvest and time of plenty the text is illustrated using symbols from the Maya sacred texts. While living in Madrid I had studied Nahuatl for one year and joined the European Association of Mayanists.
The 3 surviving Maya texts – the Dresden, Paris and Madrid Codices are exhibited in the cities that bear their name.

The Great Flood, symbolised as a serpent.
The Great Flood, symbolised as a serpent.


No cover was included in this book, as it is displayed open in concertina shape and framed for viewing behind glass.

Handmade Book made for World Environment Day
Made in Gillingham Library, children made drawings which were bound into a book by the artist, and other local artists and writers (David Wise, Andrew Evendon and Tina Lawlor Mottram) added pages, photographs and artwork .
An art exhibition accompanied this and the book iss available for viewing by the public on request at Gillingham Library.
Earth Garden Manifesto

See also Pulgar the dog and his magic paw

Pages 9 and 10