Full Circle. Necklace.

Necklace; a poem about memory inspired by a parent with dementia.

Full Circle, a community art from recycled waste project, was funded again in 2006. This year, we held another art competition with almost 1,000 entries from schools and groups and also a writing competition.

As my own contribution, I made a poem painted onto recycled paper as a wall plaque in the shopping mall, where we displayed our art.  The poem is below.


Strung end to end are the beads of my life.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if

the string were cut

and memory beads holding

everything that is me

were to tumble all over an ungrateful floor or even street or maybe field…

Would some kind soul bend to retrieve

just one glorious childhood day spent on sandcastle heaven?

Would people just carry on walking

like London Bridge

hardly noticing unless the One in front of them

hesitates or delays Them on their journey?

Would I scramble like a lunatic deperately

gathering mine to me

or would I allow my cherished pockets of Life

to fly with the wind wherever they needed to go?

Slowly, I gather my scissors towards

the moment of realisation.

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