Stump to view the Ghost of a Tree

Tina Lawlor Mottram; Garden Expert, Gardening Writer, Visual Artist

A Stump To View The Ghost Of A Tree

Woodland Trust website, 20 October 2020, United Kingdom. HS2 Ltd fells historic Cubbington Pear tree

I fear for our natural world. This much loved ancient pear tree was cut down to make way for a new high speed railway line. This is my response.

“J’accuse!” to quote Zola.
Much ancient woodland has been lost and continues to happen throughout this pandemic. Roald Dahl’s famous wood was “removed” so Fabulous Mr Fox is also ghostlike, lingering in the underground. The link attached gives lots more information from Andy Bond in the Woodland Trust. My sculpture is a very sad comment on the way Britain treats ancient trees and woodland.

I am looking for a home to display this piece. The circular piece on which the tree is constructed is handmade, moulded paper which was pressed then the material is attached and the background is velvet. The absent tree can be observed in the drapes. Please contact me if you have a suitable environment for it to be exhibited. Thanks.