Herb butter

Chives and parsley butter
Many herbs are delicious when added to butter and parsley butter is famous! However, I’ve found that these herbs are really good in herb butters to drizzle over baked potatoes, to add flavour to fish and add a zing of green to toast spread with cream cheese. All calorie overload of course, but after a hard day’s digging at the allotment, who cares?
Parsley, chives and tarragon all work well in this recipe.
Dried chives are not really as good as the fresh ones but you can grow spring onions all year round for a similar flavour. I love chive butter, when these delicious greens are in season.
You will need:
A packet of butter; I usually use one eighth of the packet but increase this slightly if you have lots of guests! A handful of chives, some salt and pepper and a handful of parsley is also recommended.
Allow the butter to soften slightly for a half an hour before use. Place it in a bowl at room temperature.
Chop your chives finely to release that gorgeous oniony flavour, and then mix them into the butter.
Use melted onto fish dishes and also on baked potatoes. Very fattening but delicious!