Manifesto for Planet Earth (in Gillingham). Tina Lawlor Mottram

Originally published in 2007, in When the Forevers become, themomentisnow! publications.
Copyright of the author, Tina Lawlor Mottram.
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Manifesto for Planet Earth (in Gillingham)

Nurture our Planet Earth
Start small, in your own body,
Then your life, your work, your town.

Use the Planet’s resources well,
recycle and transform.
Create beauty from rubbish.
Change viewpoints about
what rubbish is, what beauty is.

Feel beautiful within and without.
Abundance is what you have.

Eat organic, stop damaging our soil
with pesticides and man-made seeds.

Planet Earth is the best creator;
Help not hinder her.
Use your head and also your legs
Motored wheels are for occasional use.

Flying is for birds and for dreams.
Use planes sparingly, within your carbon ration.
Save our skies.