Rich Amber exhibition Oct 2023

I have a piece of artwork in an exhibition in the Medway Adult Education gallery, Rochester from 30 October to 23 November 2023.

‘RICH AMBER’ (an exhibition for Autumn) 30th October – 23rd November 2023 @ MAE Rochester

My piece is called Amber-Leaved Medway Tree.

Autumn brings with it such a show of colour in shades of golden-yellow, sizzling orange, vibrant reds and chocolate brown leaves that delight us as we pass by. My art and life has always involved zero waste, so I reutilize everything, and re-use it until it can either be placed in compost, recycled for another use, or given to somebody else who can use it. I found this old, unwanted frame in a second hand shop, painted it black and then used it to create my piece with mixed media for a 3D effect and that splash of autumn colour.
I have been experimenting with recycled materials since 2004, when we decorated Gillingham High St with stars made from waste for Christmas decorations. This piece follows on from “Patterns For Peace”, a solo exhibition I had in the Royal Engineers Museum in 2019, and another piece in the Dickens Centenary Exhibition in Rochester in 2022. I was inspired to use the barcodes from a recycled container as the tree roots, making “As above, So below” a visual demonstration of the extent of the soil coverage of any tree hidden underground.
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Mixed Media; 28 x 33 cm, £199.