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Tina Lawlor Mottram is an accredited, experienced and insured healer, with the College of Psychic Studies.  She has worked in the Wednesday Group Contact Healing clinic for many years.

Currently working as a Complementary Therapist and Spiritual Healer at Oakwood secondary school in south London. In 2012, Tina worked with children at the school to create a new space where children could relax, plant flowers and vegetables and enjoy a pond. The gardens are an outstanding success! Children love planting food; we have created a wildflower area where we have spotted butterflies, ladybirds and bees. Our pond has frogs and water boatmen and we have two good sized compost bins where we recycle food waste, office paper and leftover green material. In 2013, our gardens have won an award for “Outstanding Achievement”.

Tina has presented workshops, in conjunction with the School of Intuition and Healing in King’s cross, and other venues. Recent workshops have included;

  • Healing with special needs children in a secondary school.
  • Working creatively with longterm illness.
  • Check this site regularly forn more details.

Tina is the author of “The Tree of Light; working creatively with longterm illness” published in 2010.

The Tree of Light
Working creatively with longterm illness.
Tina Lawlor Mottram, 2010.


themomentisnow! group

After many years working in the group healing clinic at the College of Psychic Studies, Tina researched the theme of healers and healing, as part of a Lottery “Awards for All” funded project in 2009-10. In conjunction with a group of people with longterm illnesses, Tina worked creatively with themomentisnow! group to produce art and writing and finally a book. “The Tree of Light; a creative response to healing” was published in 2010. See links on this website.

This group benefited from using meditation at each creative workshop, moving on to work with paint and collage and various mediums. The group also had 3 healers working with anybody who asked for it. The London launch of the book was held in the library at the College of Psychic Studies

Tina continues to work with this group, and organises regular meetings and is working to produce a new book about Cerebellar Ataxia, with Gill Solly and her family. See more details at

Healing in a secondary school

Tina has also worked as a Complementary Therapist with children with special needs at Oakwood secondary school in Bexleyheath. Children are encouraged to come to Complementary Therapy for meditation, visualisation and healing regularly. Tina also works with children in healing gardens, growing flowers, fruit and vegetables as part of the EcoSchools project. Children choose their plants and love the outdoors and watching plants grow.

Articles about healing :

More information

If you have any questions about these projects and would like to discuss setting up a similar scheme at your school or workplace, please get in touch with Tina for an initial discussion. See Contact page for details.

Tina worked as a healer in the group contact healing clinic for many years at the College of Psychic Studies.



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