Activity Loft Community Garden

Funded by the Community Safety Partnership, Tina worked with local children and residents to design and plant up a community garden in a house in The Vineries in Gillingham.

Initially, we sent out leaflets to encourage people to come and tell us what they would like their garden to look like. Lots of people attended, and showed us visually what they would like. We had young and old visit the house and many did drawings of what they wanted. We couldn’t buy giraffes but we did order strawberry plants and flowers.

Teenagers wanted to work more independently and as a group, they designed the front door and painted a mural onto the safety doors that protect the house when nobody is in.

Activity Loft ‘designing what we want’ session
On a sunny February day, all the volunteers who helped to paint the back garden window screens.

In the back garden, we held a painting day to let residents paint bright designs on the back windows. Great fun was had by all.

Painting the shutters, Ann and helpers.

After the initial consultation, the plan for the garden was drawn up by Tina Lawlor Mottram. Fruit: raspberries and strawberries, flowers to encourage wildlife, perennials and annuals and some edible herbs, which everybody wanted at our planning meetings. A local carpenter was employed to create a seat and many children from The Vineries helped to paint flowerpots.

Activity Loft Plan
Activity Loft Garden Plan created by Tina Lawlor Mottram, after consultation with local residents and users of the house

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