Patterns for Peace.

National Lottery fundedPatterns for peace opens in the gallery at the Royal Engineers Museum in Gillingham on 27 July 2019.

Tina Lawlor Mottram was Artist in Residency in Zona Imaginaria, Buenos Aires Province in August 2018.
Working with local children she created a book The magic paw of Pulgar the dog. SeePulgar the dog and his magic paw

I travelled in Argentina province visiting Tigre to interview the volunteer fire fighters and taking photographs. As an Irish woman travelling alone I was struck by a scene viewed from a train. Fuera Ingleses de Argentina! This becane almost an emblem if my trip: hands reaching out in peace, in desperation, impossible to tell so I ventured closer. The pictures from the trip form a photo collage in this exhibition and firm oart of my Painting for Peace project sponsored by the National Lottery here in the museum.

From Argentina to Sao Paolo and the interior province of Minas Gerais provided scenes of storms, coffee and banana plantations and colonial architecture with Black Madonnas. Fantastic weaving, body painting and exotic foliage, graffiti and urban workers are shown as a photo journal of my trip.
See my written description of the trip here>“An Irish artist travels from Buenos Aires to Araxá”

My canvasses work with the beauty found in simple natural environments – coffee plantations, storms, smiles in Holambra flower market, weaving in Minas Gerais and unforgettable moments in the trip if a lifetime. In these turbulent times, working with other artists in painting for peace I believe creating peace in one place balances something somewhere else. The butterfly effect; the Monarch I viewed in Argentina also a pattern in my collage.