GoNomad travel writing

Researching for my trip to South America, I’ve come across the GoNomad website and found some really interesting articles for solo women travellers or women who like to travel in a group.
The photos are always interesting and give me an idea of what to expect; I loved these ones on the Romania trip.GoNomad ROMANIA

The Vermont (Battenkill Valley) article entitled “Vermont: Cows and Covered Bridges”. This would be really useful if I were visiting Vermont; in fact, it’s given me the idea! Some of the information seems relevant to my travels in Dorset in the UK The listings are really detailed too and you can use car, public transport and even bike using these. I loved all the suggestions for places to stop and in this heatwave, ice-cream seems like such a good idea.
Lots of useful tips for me in Buenos Aires from Editor Max Hartshone who writes about a trip to the capital city and also the famous Iguazu Falls.

There is also a very useful article about Volunteering and I hope to add my contribution to this area, after my upcoming trip to Buenos Aires.