Extinction Rebellion time again folks!

Local stone collected and arranged in a calendar circle, echoing the colours found in Maya manuscripts, showing cardinal directions.

To those who carve out fortunes by exploiting the poor, shame on you.
To Exxon, Shell and multinational exploiters of the planet, annual growth is not a necessity.
To those who walk the streets, protesting about your politicians’ lack of action, good on you.
To those working with the poor, the sick, the needy, I applaud you.
To those struggling to stay alive on minimum wage, I say join us.
To those well-paid and comfortable, look further and see what you can do.
To those who compost their waste daily, buy ethically, you have my respect.
To the cyclists, the walkers, doing so on purpose each day, I am with you each rainy day.
To the supporters of a fairer world, where greed is not the norm, this I wish for every day.
To those who believe we must change, but yesterday, today will have to do.
To those who climb trees to stop HS2, every bird alive sings with you.
To a crying, polluted Earth, we meditate with you.