Pandemic Scribe 2020

Tina Lawlor Mottram; Garden Expert, Gardening Writer, Visual Artist

Pandemic Scribe’s Response to the 8 Circled Cross.
2020 was a fated year; after contracting COVID-19 early in March, my body struggled to recover and my dreams evoked dark, monochrome nightmares of monumental proportions. I completely lost April and half of May – a no-tulip year – but by June the colours began to refocus in my brain. What really brought me back to healthy life was the land, the natural world, my allotment and growing food – the Earth itself. I dug and scraped, eventually finding an answer to my monochrome dream world. Aware that The Book of Kells had been buried underground for safekeeping, almost as soon as the thought hit me, I began placing stones of white, black, yellow, ochre and red into decorative, careful patterns on bare earth. My stone 8 Circled Cross materialised. Later at home, I chose to print images representing my recovery response, inspired by the 8 Circled Cross.

Weymouth Beach Stone Sculptures
In August 2020, due to the Pandemic and also the cruisers, Ringstead beach was thronged with holiday makers unable to go abroad and more importantly, it is unlike Weymouth beach in that dogs are permitted – enter families of dog loving walkers. My normally abandoned beach is filled with families and dogs, nudist and tripper alike. These stone sculptures were my response.
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